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 Doton Jutsus

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PostSubject: Doton Jutsus   Tue Apr 15, 2008 4:10 pm

Doton, Doroku Gaeshi (Earth barrier)

Protects you from attacks. You need an earth ground to execute this Jutsu.
Genin lvl + 15 lines to learn.
- 55 Chakra,no damage, only protect against attack that are under 125 damage.

Doton, Doryuu dango (Earth ball)

Lift an enormous quantity of earth and throw it at the enemy.Earth ground is needed to exeute this Jutsu.
Chuunin lvl + 15 lines to learn.
- 120 Chakra, 105 damage.

Doton, Hiru Banshou, Iwa Fubuki

It's basicly a rain of hard dirt...
Chuunin lvl + 25 lines to learn.
- 50 Chakra, 70 damage.

Doton, Shinjuuzanshou no jutsu (Underground trap)

Traps the enemy underground and immobilizes him. If the enemy is a Doton user,this jutsu is useless.
Juunin lvl + 15 lines to learn.
- 74 Chakra, enemy can't move.

Doton, Kekka´ Doru Domu (Jail of earth)

Dome of earth traps the enemy inside and absorbs their chakra,almost indestructible.
Juunin lvl + 25 lines to learn.
- 52 Chakra,removes 100 chakra from the enemy per turn./Can't get out.
Gives 25 chakra for the user.

Doton, Doryuu Jouheki (Giant valley)

The ninja executes many hand signs and lifts the ground to create a valley.This wall is like Doton, Doryuuheki, just not as effective.
ANBU lvl + 20 lines to learn.
- 150 Chakra

Arijigoku no Jutsu

Creates a big hole in the ground that get rids of everything around. Useful to get rid of clones and summoning...It is impossible to dodge and if the enemy doesn't move, he gets trapped.
ANBU lvl + 40 lines to learn.
- 250 Chakra points,removes all clones and summons + traps the enemy if that one doesn't move.

Doton, Doryuutaiga (Dragon's ocean of earth)

An ocean of earth falls on the enemy.
ANBU lvl + 20 lines to learn.
- 165 Chakra, 155 damage, immobilze the enemy for one turn.

Doton, Doryuuheki (Earth wall)

Giant wall of earth that protects from any attacks.
ANBU lvl + 30 lines to learn.
- 270 Chakra, no damage, protects from any attacks.

Doton, Doryuudan (Dragon's earth breath)

An enormous quantity of earth is shot at the enemy.
ANBU lvl + 25 lines to learn.
-200 Chakra, 180 damage.

Doton, Niyomi Numa (Swamp of the Underworld)

Big swamp that can immobilize any summon and can trap the enemy.
Kage, S.ANBU lvl + 50 lines to learn.
- 275 Chakra
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Doton Jutsus
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