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 Fuuton Jutsus

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Amaterasu Hyuuga
Amaterasu Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Fuuton Jutsus   Fuuton Jutsus Icon_minitimeTue Apr 15, 2008 5:53 pm

Kamaitachi (Sharp tornado)

Fuuton Jutsus Img-2159291up2y

The ninja uses a big weapon to create wind. Mixed with chakra it can do minor damage.
Genin lvl + 20 lines to learn.
- 45 Chakra, 40 damage

Daļ Kamatachi (Big sharp tornado)

Fuuton Jutsus Img-2202161j44p

The Shinobi creates a tornado mixed with it's chakra. Blows the enemy away and cuts him in several places.
Genin lvl + 15 lines to learn.
- 52 Chakra, 55 damage.

Kazeno Tate (Wind shield)

Fuuton Jutsus Img-2205152co0h

This is a defensive Jutsus that blocks ninjutsu and taijutsu attacks. Can cause damage if the enemy is close.
Chuunin lvl + 15 lines to learn.
- 70 Chakra, 70 damage

Ren Kuudan (Compressed wind ball)

Fuuton Jutsus Img-220825jqrsa

Air balls that looks like canon balls. They are big and fast, which makes them tough to dodge.
Chuunin lvl + 15 lines to learn.
- 120 Chakra, 100 damage

Fuuton ninpou Kamikaze

Fuuton Jutsus Kamika10

Creats multiple cyclone that tracks the enemy,blowing everything on their path.
Chuunin lvl + 30 lines to learn.
- 50 Chakra per cyclone (max 3), 60 damage per cyclone.

Fuuton, Daitoppa (The big way)

Fuuton Jutsus Img-221111huap3

Creates a big tunnel of wind that damages the enemy and can slow down and block attacks from many people at the same time!
Juunin lvl + 20 lines to learn.
- 140 Chakra, 130 damage.

Mugen Sajin Daitoppa (Deadly thoughts of dust)

Fuuton Jutsus Img-221909vp0ke

The ninja inhales an enormous quantity of air and blows it back,mixed with sand, at the enemy.This jutsu blocks all direct attacks.
Juunin lvl + 25 lines to learn.
- 100 Chakra, blocks all direct attacks.

Fuuton Kitai (Wind wave)

Fuuton Jutsus Img-2244554andw

Blows wind at fast speed.Useful to blow the enemy away,even block low chakra cost attacks.
ANBU lvl + 25 lines to learn.
- 190 Chakra, 170 damage.

Fuuton Atsugai

Fuuton Jutsus Img-224736s9x75

The Shinobis evaporates an enormous unreal quantity of Fuuton. Creates a light of energy concentrated by the wind and can destroyed anyting. It's one of the most powerful justsus...
ANBU lvl + 25 lines to learn.
- 200 Chakra, 250 damage.


Fuuton Jutsus Seimeigoukuhoufd0

Creates a powerful cyclone at the enemyyou want to hit.
ANBU lvl + 50 lines to learn.
- 200 Chakra, 350 damage.

Fuuton Rasenshurinken

Fuuton Jutsus 21

Naruto invented that technic.Creats a giant shuriken wich is in fact the Rasengan but much more pwerful and expended...
Kage lvl + 250 lines to learn!
- 500 Chakra, instant kill.After using that tech u canot use an arm and u loose 1/3 of your life...
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Fuuton Jutsus
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