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 Fuuton Jutsus

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PostSubject: Fuuton Jutsus   Tue Apr 15, 2008 5:53 pm

Kamaitachi (Sharp tornado)

The ninja uses a big weapon to create wind. Mixed with chakra it can do minor damage.
Genin lvl + 20 lines to learn.
- 45 Chakra, 40 damage

Daļ Kamatachi (Big sharp tornado)

The Shinobi creates a tornado mixed with it's chakra. Blows the enemy away and cuts him in several places.
Genin lvl + 15 lines to learn.
- 52 Chakra, 55 damage.

Kazeno Tate (Wind shield)

This is a defensive Jutsus that blocks ninjutsu and taijutsu attacks. Can cause damage if the enemy is close.
Chuunin lvl + 15 lines to learn.
- 70 Chakra, 70 damage

Ren Kuudan (Compressed wind ball)

Air balls that looks like canon balls. They are big and fast, which makes them tough to dodge.
Chuunin lvl + 15 lines to learn.
- 120 Chakra, 100 damage

Fuuton ninpou Kamikaze

Creats multiple cyclone that tracks the enemy,blowing everything on their path.
Chuunin lvl + 30 lines to learn.
- 50 Chakra per cyclone (max 3), 60 damage per cyclone.

Fuuton, Daitoppa (The big way)

Creates a big tunnel of wind that damages the enemy and can slow down and block attacks from many people at the same time!
Juunin lvl + 20 lines to learn.
- 140 Chakra, 130 damage.

Mugen Sajin Daitoppa (Deadly thoughts of dust)

The ninja inhales an enormous quantity of air and blows it back,mixed with sand, at the enemy.This jutsu blocks all direct attacks.
Juunin lvl + 25 lines to learn.
- 100 Chakra, blocks all direct attacks.

Fuuton Kitai (Wind wave)

Blows wind at fast speed.Useful to blow the enemy away,even block low chakra cost attacks.
ANBU lvl + 25 lines to learn.
- 190 Chakra, 170 damage.

Fuuton Atsugai

The Shinobis evaporates an enormous unreal quantity of Fuuton. Creates a light of energy concentrated by the wind and can destroyed anyting. It's one of the most powerful justsus...
ANBU lvl + 25 lines to learn.
- 200 Chakra, 250 damage.


Creates a powerful cyclone at the enemyyou want to hit.
ANBU lvl + 50 lines to learn.
- 200 Chakra, 350 damage.

Fuuton Rasenshurinken

Naruto invented that technic.Creats a giant shuriken wich is in fact the Rasengan but much more pwerful and expended...
Kage lvl + 250 lines to learn!
- 500 Chakra, instant kill.After using that tech u canot use an arm and u loose 1/3 of your life...
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Fuuton Jutsus
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