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 Hyuuton Jutsus

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Amaterasu Hyuuga
Amaterasu Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Hyuuton Jutsus   Hyuuton Jutsus Icon_minitimeMon Sep 15, 2008 3:13 pm

Since Hyuuton needs 2 elements,the tehnics starts at Jounin lvl.

Hyuuton, Tsubame Fubuki

Hyuuton Jutsus Img-200530sb23h

The user creates 1000 of sharp ice birds that follows the enemy.Hard to dodge.
Juunin lvl + 40 lines to learn.
-65 Charkra,95 damage.

Hyuuton, Rouga Nadare no Jutsu

Hyuuton Jutsus Img-202337wjcad

The user creates wolfs made of ice.Those are powerful and can attack with their teeth and body.
Juunin lvl + 40 lines to learn.
-50 chakra per wolf,35 damage ( 20 wolf max)

Hyuuton, Sensatsu Suisho

Hyuuton Jutsus Img-20295987peh

Throws some water and freezes them in needles that targets the enemy.(Need water to execute)
Juunin lvl + 20 lines to learn.
-20 chakra per needle, 10 damage (1000 needles max)

Hyuuton, Hyourou no Jutsu

Hyuuton Jutsus Colonn10

Freezes the enemy in a pillar of ice.A jail of ice if you prefer.
Jounin lvl + 30 lines to learn.
-100 chakra

Hyuuton,Doshakuzure no Ooyuki

Hyuuton Jutsus Avalan10

The user puts his hands on the ground to move the snow around him.Creats an avalanche...
Jounin lvl + 25 lines to learn.
-200 chakra,300 damage.

Hyouton Doryűheki no Jutsu

Hyuuton Jutsus Hyuuto10

The ninja creats an ice wall that can block any jutsus.Can even resiste a fire ball from long distance.
Jounin lvl + 35 lines to learn.
-180 chakra,no damage blocks any jutsus except Katon element...

Hyuuton, Makyou Hyoushou

Hyuuton Jutsus Mirroi10

The user creats mirrors and form a dome around the enemy.Can move at high speed inside and attack without the enemy noticing...Can resiste attacks under 250 damage.
ANBU lvl + 45 lines to learn.
-350 chakra, 120 damage per turn!

Hyuuton, Haryuu Mouko

Hyuuton Jutsus Animal10

With some ice, the user creates an animal that damages the enemy with it's heavy and hard body.
ANBU lvl + 45 lines to learn.
-200 chakra,150 damage.

Hyuuton, Sennenki Yuki

Hyuuton Jutsus Pique-10

Ummm...To make short...Takes water in the air...Freeze it... And creats giant spikes,everywhere...
Sannin lvl + 400 lines to learn.
-500 chakra, can't survive,in other words you die...
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Hyuuton Jutsus
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