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 Senjustu(Hermit art)

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PostSubject: Senjustu(Hermit art)   Wed Jan 14, 2009 12:24 am

Only Jiraya,Naruto and their students can use those tecnics.

Hermit form

User transform itself in a kind of frog,with two real one on his shoulders.That form gives him an unusual power.
200 lines to learn.
+ 500 chakra, taijutsus damage is reduce to half and any kind of ninjutsus only does 3/4 damage.

Senpou Gomeo

User spits oil while the frog on his left shoulder spits fire and the one on the right blows wind.Need Hermite form to execute.
60 lines to learn.
-280 chakra, 310 damage.

Senpou Senbons

Hair of the user is transformed in flexible spikes that hits the enemy.Hard to doge.
40 lines to learn.
-180 chakra, 210 damage.

Tcho Oodama Rasengan

It's rasengan...But 5 meter big O.O
80 lines to learn.
-650 chakra, 650 damage.

Frog's song

Summoning of 3 little frogs that sings,making a genjutsu.Traps the enemy in a square full of water.
400 lines to learn!
- 500 chakra, dead of the enemy after 2 turns.
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Senjustu(Hermit art)
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