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 Kaguya clan special jutsu

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Sasuke Uchiha
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Konoha Genin
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PostSubject: Kaguya clan special jutsu   Tue Jan 13, 2009 11:34 pm

Hessendan ~ Finger Bullets

The user uses shikotsumyaku to phase small bullet sized bones through their finger tips and launch them with a drilling motion.
Genin lvl, plus 10 lines to learn.
5 chakra per bullet (max 10) ,5 damage per bullet

Yanagi no Mai (Dance of the Willow)

The user uses shikotsumyaku to phase 2 long swords through his palms and attack with great speed and accuracy.
Genin lvl, plus 15 lines to learn.
-50 chakra , 50 damage

Tsubaki no Mai (Dance of the Camellia)

The user uses shikotsumyaku to extract their collar bone and form a long sword of hardened bone to attack the enemy.
Chuunin lvl, plus 20 lines to learn.
-80 chakra , 80 damage

Karamatsu no Mai (Dance of the Pines)

The user uses shikotsumyaku to expand a multitude of large bone spikes from their body to counter an attack or cause damage.
Chuunin lvl, plus 25 lines to learn.
-100 chakra , 70 damage or stops a taijutsu move to user

Tessenka no Mai (Dance of the Clematis)

The user uses shikotsumyaku to extract and harden their spine into a long chain-staff which wrap up the opponent , then they form a large drill of bone and impale the trapped opponent.
Jounin lvl, plus 40 lines to learn.
-170 chakra , 150 damage

Sawarabi no Mai (Dance of the Seedling Ferns)

The user uses shikotsumyaku to create a forest of bone stretching for a mile. The user can fuse into any bone and re-appear through any other to attack.
Jounin lvl, plus 50 lines to learn.
-220 chakra , 180 damage
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Kaguya clan special jutsu
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