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 History Of Naruto

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History Of Naruto Left_bar_bleue10/10History Of Naruto Empty_bar_bleue  (10/10)

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PostSubject: History Of Naruto   History Of Naruto Icon_minitimeSun Jan 11, 2009 5:14 pm

[center]Last Name: Uzumaki

First Name: Naruto

Age: 17

Place of birth: Konohagakure no sato

Current location and rank: Hokage of the leaf

Height:195 cm


Nindo: I shall own the Kyuubi no yoko...Soon...

The History Of Minato Yondaime Hokage

"HE'S TOO STRONG!!! RETREAT!!! WHAT SHALL WE DO NOW" The situation is critical in The Hidden Leaf Village because of a little problem called Kyuubi the Nined-Tailed Demon Fox. Kyuubi is going berserk at the village but there is some anbu squad trying to repel the beast as good as they can. The leader look at the present situation and estimated it impossible too contain him with his forces so he send an emergency message too Minato sayin they need a plan quick. Minato hurried to the fighting grounds and want to the leader "It's fine now i'm arrive and i got the situation in hand Dattebayo" "Summoning Earth Style: Toad Summoning Jutsu" Gamabunta appears to the field and at that moment the yellow fash flashed onto boss toad head's. "I'm going for good now...See ya all my friends...and see ya Konoha" So with his not-even-a-year-old baby in his arm, flashed next to kyuubi's chest and..."REAPER DEATH SEAL". He summoned the death god and sacrafice himself to seal the Nined-Tailed Demon into his son... Naruto Uzumaki

The History Of Naruto Uzumaki the Hokage

Until Naruto grown to the age of twelve he didn't knew he was inhabited by the Kyuubi no yoko and he had a sad childhood because of it.But one day , the chunnin Mizuki-sensei talk about a scroll that, for training, if he learned a technique written in it he would be accept to the ninja academy. So he told Naruto it was in the Hokage's Mansion and he had to take it there. Naruto was totally excited about the scroll idea.It made him full of hope to enter to the academy but he didn't knew that the scroll in question was the Forbidden Technique Scroll of Konoha, and taking it was considered as a crime. So at night Naruto went to the Hokage's Mansion and took the scroll and ran to the forest. Didn't took time before the alert was sent "EVERYBODY THE FORBIDDEN SCROLL IS GONE" and about now the third Hokage know's that Naruto got the scroll but he don't know where he is so all chunnin lookin for him. In the mean time they are looking, Mizuki is going toward where he told Naruto to wait him with the scroll but Iruka follows him.So back to the spot in the forest where Naruto is with the scroll and he is already taking a peek in it. "OH NO!!! The first technique in the scroll is the Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!". A while after Misuki standing in front of him and telling him to hand over the Forbidden Scroll or he kill him.After he tell Naruto about the Nined-Tailed Fox in him.Naruto is shocked because now he knew why all the people hate him. Then he throw a Demon wind shuriken at him and Iruka-sensei cover Naruto and gets the shuriken right in the middle of the back."U got to believe me Naruto i'm here to protect u and dont' listen to what Mizuki said!"...then Naruto starts crying and ran off.So he run and run and run until Mizuki transformed into Iruka tried talking to him. But Naruto knew it was Mizuki so he headbutted him hard.Then he hid next to a tree."How did u knew u little fox freak!!!HUH!!! How did u know?". Then Iruka arrive and start dueling Mizuki but he lost and Mizuki threw him into a tree.Then he starts spinning a demon wind shuriken to finish Iruka while he was blabbering on about Naruto being so kick ass. But Iruka's ranting made Naruto so happy that somebody was seeing him like that, that he fly straight toward Mizuki and whacked him to the face."You little fox brat...come here and fight so i can kill u" "Oh yeah... u think so...he he he me"..."Tajuu Kage Bunshin No Jutsu"and then Mizuki"OOOOOHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOO" "1000 fist barrage of Naruto Uzumaki" so Naruto had stop Mizuki, Iruka had give him the Konoha's forehead protector wich mean he was accepted to the academy!

A month later, after encountered Orochimaru in the Forest of Death, in the second part of the chunnin exam, Naruto had encountered the pervy sage wich is Jiraiya one of the legendary sannin that took him with him for a month long(the time Naruto had between the second part and third part of chunnin exam)for training and learn new moves and techniques. Naruto was enthraled with the idea because he always loved learning new moves. So first thing Naruto wanted to learn was to walk on water...the Sannin was laughing his head off and was asking himself some question at the same time like why he wasn't already able to. After Naruto tries loads of times the pervy sage ask him to put himself only in underwear to see something and thats when he saw the nined-tailed seal sealed by the 5 prong seal that Orochimaru putted on him.The toad sage cancel the seal then he asked Naruto to do the water walking again and he did it very well.Then the other training that Naruto had to do was the summoning toad technique and then since it was an special move Jiraiya told him to use his fox chakra to be able to control it. Naruto's first try gave a tadpole...and then later it gave a baby frog... and then later it gave a little frog. So the toad hermit understood that Naruto had to be in life critical state so the Kyubbi would give him chakra so he pushed him into a freaking deep hole and so Naruto was in great danger of dieing so he does the summoning and he summon Gamabunta that is not very pleased with that. Gamabunta was refusing to help Naruto and so letting him be his accolit so he had to be, a day long, on Gamabunta's back without falling but he fell couple seconds before the day ends but Gamabunta is still a bit mad but not a lot. Jiraiya sent him the scroll with his name in the contract.

then the third part of chunnin exam starts and first match is Naruto Uzumaki versus Neji Hyuuga from the Hyuuga clan.Naruto is already pissed off at Neji because he beated up Hinata...

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History Of Naruto
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