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 Akimichi clan special jutsu

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PostSubject: Akimichi clan special jutsu   Sun Dec 14, 2008 2:57 pm

Baika no Jutsu (Expansion Jutsu)

The user use's chakra to grow really big
Genin lvl, 10 lines to learn
-50 chakra, required to use other Akimichi Jutsu.

Nikudan Sensha (Meat Tank)

Rotate fiercely and roll at your opponent to cause damage
Genin lvl, 15 lines to learn
- 70 chakra , Expansion Jutsu used previously ,80 damage

Bubon Baika no Jutsu (Partial Expansion Jutsu)

Use jutsu to expand one part of your body
Genin lvl, 15 lines to learn
-70 chakra, required to use other Akimichi Jutsu

Chou Harite (Super Open Hand Slap)

Used in conjunction with Partial Expansion Jutsu , an open hand slap with the enlarged arm.
Chuunin lvl, 25 lines to learn
-120 chakra , Partial Expansion Jutsu previously used ,100 damage

Nikudan Hari Sensha (Spiked Meat Tank)

Attach Kunai to yourself and use meat tank to cause extra damage
Chuunin lvl, 20 lines to learn
100 chakra , Expansion Jutsu used previously, 120 damage

Chou Baika no Jutsu

Expand your body to great sizes then body slam the foe.
Jounin lvl, 40 lines to learn
-180 chakra , 160 damage

Akimichi Pills

Eat a pill to boost your power (3 max, 1 per turn)
Jounin lvl, 50 lines to learn
- 120 health, plus 120 more damage in akimichi jutsu

Chodan Bakugeki (Bullet Butterfly Bombing)

By using the 3 pills and channeling all their chakra into one the user unleashes an immense powered punch.
Jounin lvl, 70 lines to learn
- 300 chakra, 280 damage
Must have used all 3 akimichi pills.
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Akimichi clan special jutsu
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