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 Mokuton Jutsus

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Amaterasu Hyuuga
Amaterasu Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Mokuton Jutsus   Mokuton Jutsus Icon_minitimeSat Sep 20, 2008 9:39 pm

Since Mokuton needs 2 elements,tecnics starts at Jounin lvl.

Mokuton, Hana Shuriken

Mokuton Jutsus Shuri110

The ninja uses flowers around him and make them hard.They become hard shuriken and are control by the user.
Jounin lvl + 25 lines to learn.
-40 chakra per shuriken,20 damage (100 shuriken max)

Kawane Mokuton

Mokuton Jutsus Kawane10

Creates a substitution wood body that looks exactly like the ninja.
Jounin lvl + 30 lines to learn.
-10 chakra per substitution.

Mokuton henge

Mokuton Jutsus Mokuton_Henge

Can transform in anyone...You just need to talk the same way and no one can notice that you're fake..Cool huh?
Jounin lvl + 40 lines to learn.
-80 chakra.

Moku Bunshin no jutsu

Mokuton Jutsus Moku-b10

User creates a clone made of wood.It's harder and resister more to attacks than other type of clones.Need to give good damage for it to disappear.Can resist attacks under 250 damage.
Jounin lvl + 40 lines to learn.
-15 chakra per clone,can take under 180 damage.

Mokuton no Jutsu

Mokuton Jutsus Mokuto11

The ninja uses the wood at his own will.To attack or defend himself.You just need to use some imagination.
Jounin lvl + 35 lines to learn.
-50 chakra per time.damage can be between 50 and 150,can defense against almost anything.(except katon)

Mokuton Mokujou Heki

Mokuton Jutsus Yamamotomokushouheki

The user creates a wooden barrier that protects him from almost any attacks.(except katon)
ANBU lvl + 45 lines to learn.
-180 chakra.

Shichuurou no Jutsu

Mokuton Jutsus Cage1010

User creates a huge solid wooden cage.
ANBU lvl + 50 lines to learn.
-195 chakra,traps for 2 turns.

Mokuton,Shichuuka no Jutsu

Mokuton Jutsus Maison10

Creates a huge wooden house.Really good to rest after training or battle.
ANBU lvl + 30 lines to learn.
-100 chakra.

Ryuu Moukuton no jutsu

Mokuton Jutsus Ryuu1010

The ninja creates dragon heads made in wood that attacks the enemy with their teeth.
ANBU lvl + 50 lines to learn.
-100 chakra per dragon,removes 80 chakra to the user per turn.

Kakuan Nitton Suishu

Mokuton Jutsus Sanstitre3qj

The user creates giant hands made of roots around his enemy to damage him.Can even give back human form to a Bijuu if that one posess the first hokage's necklace.
ANBU lvl + 40 lines to learn.
-210 Chakra,180 damage per hands.(4 max)

Mokuton, Jukai Koutan

Mokuton Jutsus Naissa10

The user can create,anywhere, a jungle.The trees and other plants can grabs the enemy and squeeze them to death.The plants are controlled by the user.
Sanin lvl + 200 lines to learn.
-300 chakra, kills the enemy except if he can use Katon.

Mokuton Hokage ShikiJinjun jutsu Kakuan Nitten Shuishu

Mokuton Jutsus Moku1010

Technic created by the first Hokage.It removes completely the bijuu's chakra of the user.
Sanin lvl + 300 lines to learn.
-200 chakra.

Ultimate jail

Mokuton Jutsus 90d4de46f760737593abe2018a2145db

Mokuton element is transformed into hard roots that can even hold a bijuu.
Kage lvl + 200 lines to learn!
- 300 chakra + 50 if holding, 450 damage per turn and traps the enemy for 2 turns (Traps a Buiuu for 1 turn)

Mokuton Jubaku Eisou

Mokuton Jutsus 10yhwea

The user creates giant plants that grabs the enem and grow with him.Creates a giant tree that squeeze the enemy to death.
Kage lvl + 250 lines to learn!
- 450 charka, death of the enemy after 3 turns.
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Mokuton Jutsus
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