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 Gaara's Special Jutsu'

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PostSubject: Gaara's Special Jutsu'   Wed Sep 17, 2008 1:35 pm

Sand Claw Attack

Basic skill when the user use sand to attack the enemy.
genin lvl
- 70 chakra, 90 damage

Fists of Shukaku

Uses great amounts of sand in the form of Shukaku's arms and fists to swipe at the enemy, makes the sand needed for the sand coffin more available.
Jounin lvl
-160 chakra per arm per turn, 150 damage per strike

Sabaku Kiu, Desert Coffin

A brutal and savage jutsu that should be forbiden just for sake of civility. Kills the opponent.
Genin lvl
-500 chakra, kills

Partial Sabaku Kiu

A more mercifull form of sand coffin, ill only take your limbs, promise.
Chunin lvl
-260 chakra, 200 damage and loss of a limb

Desert Burial

Sinks the enemy unerground and compresses them under 300m of earth.
Chunin lvl
-400 chakra, 300 damage and immobilizes for 3 turns

Ultimate Defence

Gaara's mother's parting gift, complete protection from all small and medium projectiles....might need some chakra for those bigger ones though.
Automatic and constant/-400 chakra to stop something of the size of a Bijuu or Summon/can't block Suiton,Hyuuton and Raiton.

Suna Bunshin, Sand Clone

Makes a clone made of relatively hard sand.
Genin lvl
-30 chakra per clone, can withstand 50 damage each

Earth-style Summoning, Shukaku no Tate

The shield made from the hardest sands from the heart of the desert, can stop practically anything.
Chunin lvl
-270 chakra, absorbs and stops any damage under 200

Sand Avalanche

A sizeable flow of sand forced out from underground minerals, will pretty much bury you.
Jounin lvl
-600 chakra, stops any wave form attack or damages the enemy 400 and immobilizes for one turn

Sand Armor

A thin shield or compressed sand hardened around the body to shield from basic attacks.
Genin lvl
-100 chakra, 150 damage stoped

Sabaku Fuyuu, Floating Desert

Makes a floating platform of sand...pretty much it...(Gaara's most pacifist skill)
Chunin lvl
-50 chakra per float per turn

Sand Tsunami

Way bigger and stronger than the sand avalanche, only a pro surfer could ride this one out.
Jounin lvl
-700 chakra, 500 damage and immobilizes for one turn/ can stop a bigger attack
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Gaara's Special Jutsu'
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