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 Before you play

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PostSubject: Before you play   Before you play Icon_minitimeTue Sep 16, 2008 9:10 am

There are a few simple rules you must read before playing on this site.

1. There is a pg 13 rating on everything going on here(with exception to the out of character section).

2. to join you must write a presentation, giving a description of your character and his/her past. There are diferent ranks on this site, Genin, Chunin, Jounin, Anbu, Sanin and Kage. Each requires a set amount of "lines".

( we dont count anything shorter than what is written between these parentheses as a line )

3. Try to use proper spelling while in character, MODs will occasionally check your post for lines and spelling. If its spelling then it will be corrected by the MOD. Otherwise you will be notified by PM.

4. The number of lines required per rank is as follows:
Genin, 10 lines
Chunin, 40 lines
Jounin, 60 lines
Anbu, 70 lines
Akatsuki, 80 lines
Akatsuki leader, 85 lines
Sanin, 90 lines
Kage, 100 lines

5. Outlaw ranks rise equal to some other ranks...D-rank outlaws are like genin, C-rank is like chunin, B for jounin, A for anbu, S for sanin and then the big bad cheeze in charge of the outlaws is like kage. The required lines are right above this....go figure out how many you need if you are making an outlaw.

6. Some part of the forum will be locked to you, example, Oto no sato will be locked from view from anyone who isnt from that village. Same for most parts of other villages, like the kage seat and the anbu are blocked to all outsiders to the village.

7. Due to the fact that Sharingan gives you such strenght, there is a limit of 3 Uchiha on the site. Later this number will icrease as we gain more members. Further if you want to make an Uchiha, you must add 25 lines more to your presentation.

8. The village of Yuki no Sato is only for Jounin and above.

9. Elements have strenghts and weaknesses, the main picture at the top shows this...they beat each other in a clockwise direction.

10. If the Akatsuki want to track a Bijuu they must look for it, going to Konoha to get Naruto is obvious, but if he isnt there then Akatsuki must do an actual search. Like asking people they defeat for example.

11. You gain 100 life and chakra per finished battle, providing the battle lasted longer than 3 post from each side. Quick battles provide no experience.

12. Also this site is a anime-based site, so if you want to put any hentai then dont put anything too revealing, nothing more than nipples. Just to make sure ask a MOD or admin to check if its ok.

13. The minimum amout of lines per post is 5, anything lower will be deleted and wont count as if it was ever posted.

14. There is a formula to follow when posting; between two *s for thoughts, between two "s for speach, and narration is just typed.

15. If you die, you're dead, your character will be deleted and you will have to start a new one.

16. Uchihas, to learn a technique in battle, you must have your sharingan activated.

17. Putting colors in your post is up to you.

If any other thing comes up and needs to be put in here we will add it

1734. Everytime the "Rules" section has a "new" icon next to it, you have to go look. No exeptions.
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Before you play
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