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 The History of Gaara

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Character sheet
The History of Gaara Left_bar_bleue10/10The History of Gaara Empty_bar_bleue  (10/10)
The History of Gaara Left_bar_bleue10/10The History of Gaara Empty_bar_bleue  (10/10)

The History of Gaara Empty
PostSubject: The History of Gaara   The History of Gaara Icon_minitimeMon Apr 07, 2008 2:57 pm

Last name: no Sabaku

First name: Gaara

Age: 17

Place of birth: Sunagakure no Sato

Current location and rank: Kazekage of Sunagakure no Sato

Height: 206cm

Weight: 72kg

Nindo: I will protect my village with my life.

From: The Chronicles of Sunagakure no Sato

The History of Kazekage Sabaku no Gaara.

It begins even before Gaara was born, his father, the Kazekage at the time wished to use Gaara in a way some might consider inhumane, others might say its a blessing. Before Gaara was born, his father took his pregnant mother to the sacred shrine of the feared and revered Bijou, Shukaku, the one tailed demon. there he sealed the demon in Gaara while he was still in his mother's womb. The Kazekage's dream was to make the Village of Suna strong, by giving the gift of being a Jinchuriki to his youngest son. Gaara had an older brother Kankuro and an older sister Temari. Both of them became very respected shinobi, but this is not their history, it is our great Kazekage's history. Gaara's mother died giving birth to him. Ever since then Gaara was alone, his father being Kazekage, was always at work. Doing and assingning missions, it was a time of woe for the Village of Suna. After the Great Ninja War, the village was running low on manpower. So Gaara was left, during the day, to fend for himself against the fears and prejudices of the towns people and the children his age. Being the reject of the whole village Gaara grew up alone, the rest of the children hated and feared him. There was only one person that acknowledged him, his uncle, who in turn once tried to kill him, as a mission from the council of the village. Obviously he failed thanks to the sand shield the demon Shukaku puts up against any attack, even against Gaara's own will. Even the High-Ranking Shinobi in the village feared Gaara, and all this isolation fom the rest of humanity drove Gaara insane. He hated being alone, and he hated that no one acknowledged him, also Gaara had to deal with insomnia. The reason being that the sand demon Shukaku slowly takes over the host's mind and personality, so out of fear Gaara refused to sleep, in turn this insomnia problem of his fueled his irrational and maniacal behavior. He was know to kill anyone on a whim. During the Chunin exams held in Konoha, he mercilesly killed anyone who he wished to when he felt like it. Even Kankuro and Temari weren't safe. Gaara almost killed his opponent during the preliminaries of the chunin exam, Rock Lee, if it wans't for the quick reflexes of Rock's sensei Might Gai, Gaara would have succeded in kiling Lee. Later on during the exams, Gaar's father, our Kazekage, was assasinated by Orochimaru, one of the legendary Sanin from Konoha. He then used the robes of the Kazekage to impersonate him, and orchestrate a massive attack on Konoha. Using the Suna village shinobi as his own puppets, he pulled the strings from the shadows to use Gaara and his Bijou Shukaku in his evil plot to destroy Konoha. Gaara was to unleash Shukaku during the battles of the chunin exam to create mass turmoil and panic, so that the shinobi of Konoha couldn't defend the village as succesfully. But the fates decided to smile upon the village of Konoha and its shinobi, the low class genin, the weakest of the once mighty Uchiha clan, Sasuke Uchiha, managed to pierce Gaara's defence and wound him, Forcing Gaara to retreat out of the village. thus spoiling Orochimaru's plans. Sasuke Uchiha followed suit and pursued Gaara, Kankuro and Temari into the forest. There he Battled Gaara with all his might and lost accordingly. Then the secret weapon of the village of Konoha arrived on the scene, the Jinchuriki, Naruto Uzumaki, a fierce battle of the demons ensued and the one that emerged victorious was Uzumaki, due to the fact that Gaara was weakened from fighting with Sasuke. Then Gaara returned to the village of Suna to train and master his already well evolved skills of sand control jutsu. Gaara was then ordained chunin and proceeded to teach the students of the Suna academy, showing his great skills in teaching. After having met and befriended another Jinchuriki, Gaara settled down a little and became less irrational. The demon ofthe sand no longer held a hold on him. Soon after the village of Konoha, and thier new Hokage, Tsunade another legendary sanin, sent for emergency reinforcements from our village. We decided to send them since we were in debt for ur involontary participation in the plans of Orochimaru during the chunin exams. Gaara, Kankuro and Temari were all dispached to help the genin of Konoha in their pursuit of the henchmen of Orochimaru. They arrived just in time to save the ives of the genin of Konoha. Gaara made his apperance on the scene to lend a hand to Rock Lee, the genin he almost killed in the preliminaries of the chunin exams.

*This must be the place, there is that clown in the green spandex*

Gaara charges into the clearing just in time to pull Lee back with his sand, just out of the reach of the weird shaped protrusions sticking out of his new opponent's chest.

This battle is mine now. Back off, you've done enough.

Gaara stays perfectely still, the enemy points his fingers at Gaara. The tips of his fingers fire off at an ncredibly high velocity towards Gaara. The shield of Shukaku came up in a flash, completely stopping the projectiles.

Bones? He uses his own bones for weapons?

Yes, Naruto warned me before he left.

Thanks Lee. now you stay there and watch me kill this insect the way i almost killed you...oh and sorry about that.

Gaara then starts molding a great amount of chakra needed for his jutsu.

Desert Coffin!

Sand starts spreading from under the ground under the opponent. It engulfs and covers him all over exept the face.

Before i send you from this earth, tell me your name, scum.

My name is Kimimaro, I serve the great Orochimaru-sama.

Desert Burial!

The coffin enclosing Kimimaro's body compacts to a third of its original size and Kimimaro lets out a bone chilling shriek of agony

Desert Burial!

The compressed sand containing Kimimaro's mangled body starts sinking into a giant spiral of quicksand that appeared right under him. He slowly gets sucked in getting more compressed every second, the weight of all the sand around him crushes his body as he sinks deeper into the spiral. The added weight of all the sand above him weighs down on him as he sinks to 300 meters under the ground.

Well Lee, its time to go, he is finished.

Then the sand coated ground started rumbling, and an inhuman sillouette, sporting a tail and horns appeared out ofthe ground.

What the hell? This guy just wont die or what?

With that Kimimaro pulled out his own spine and lashed it at Gaara as a whip. It wrapped around Gaara as his sand shot up to shield him.

Now what do you plan to do bone boy?

Then Gaara starts molding chakra for another massive scale jutsu.

*This better finish him, i dont have much chakra left...*

Desert Avalance Jutsu!

A giant wave of sand erupts from under Gaara's feet. It rears up to form a massive barrel wave that sweeps Kimimaro away with it.

Sink you bastard!

The sand forms a whirlpool and sinks below the ground. Kimimaro should be dead.

Now he should be dead Lee....lets go rest.

Sure....hey watch out!!

Just then the ground that is still cover in sand from Gaara's jutsu starts shaking, half a second later giant white spires erupt from under the ground, as Kimimaro tries in a desperate last attempt to kill Gaara and Rock Lee. Gaara floats some sand under his feet and the feet of Lee, floating them at a safe altitude above the razor tipped bone like protrusions.

We should be safe up here.

Just then Kimimaru blends out of one of the bone pillars behind Gaara and aims a bone spike right at his head stopping the spike just milimetres from his eye. Spitting some blood out in his last cough he dies right there and the.

Ok Lee lets get ut of here before he comes back to life again.

After this battle Gaara returned to the village of Suna to continue his training. He became one of the best teachers at the academy and mastered all of the Wind element techniques. He then became the Kazekage of the great village of Sunagakure no Sato.
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Character sheet
The History of Gaara Left_bar_bleue10/10The History of Gaara Empty_bar_bleue  (10/10)
The History of Gaara Left_bar_bleue10/10The History of Gaara Empty_bar_bleue  (10/10)

The History of Gaara Empty
PostSubject: Re: The History of Gaara   The History of Gaara Icon_minitimeWed Jan 14, 2009 3:11 pm

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The History of Gaara
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